Monday, August 23, 2010

CHN: A Proud History

The Comedy Hub Network (CHN) Is Celebrating Our 148th Anniversary Again

Buttonwillow, CA - CHN Authors thank you letter to readers:

We have come a long way since our first post written on hardtack by Jeb Lee (Robert Lee's special cousin) back in 1861. Longtime readers know that CHN became a household name during the Grant administration as blogging software slowly improved from inscriptions in soft dirt to inscriptions in clay. But it wasn't until Ely Whitney's cotton gin was built that CHN became the news network that is so well know today. The now lost article entitled 'What Is A Cotton Gin' and the follow up article "What To Do With These Blacks' had circulation rivaling William Randolph Hearst.

During prohibition. CHN which was entirely a product derived from alcohol, fell into a deep slump. Articles such as 'Teapot Dome Say What' and 'Did You See Herbert Hoover Checking Out That Girls Butt' were low points. The Blog fell on hard times and was once again written and distributed on hardtack until 2006 when a Japanese Company producing Hi-Chews Candy accidentally signed a four year advertising contract. Since then new articles have been published here at The Comedy Hub Blogspot.

So, in celebration of our 148th year, here are the TOP 14.8 ARTICLES from 2010:
  1. Dr. Laura Promises Not To Say 'Nigger' Ever Ever Again
  2. Jake Sully: Hometree Downfall Was Due To Distractive 'Nip Slips'
  3. Gay Community Begs Ricky Martin To Re-Enter Closet
  4. 1992 'Dream Team' Wants Christian Laettner Removed From Roster
  5. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms To Extend Jurisdiction To 'Hoe Bags'
  6. GOP Secretly Replaces Health Care Bill W/Grey's Anatomy Script
  7. Pre-Madonna No Longer Interested In Becoming Actual Madonna
  8. Nation's Bullies Finalize Back To School Plans
  9. Obama Shocks Nation, Announces Early Retirement
  10. Obama A Possible Frontrunner for 2012
  11. Waterpark Provides Likely Opportunity For 12 Year Old To See 1st 'Nip Slip'
  12. Sniper Instructor Rewards Class With 'Boob Scope' Day
  13. BP To Invest 'Some, Not All' of Escrow Account On Boy Band
  14. Pelosi Blames Accelerated Spending On Toyota Brand Gavel

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Lost Surfer said...

Congratulations Comedy Hub Network!! CHN has never been better... or worse. I'm just not sure, this is my first time accidentally clicking onto your website.

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