Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama Finally Reaches Climax; Gives Pearl Necklace To Wife Michelle

Chicago (CHN) - After the longest primary battle in either parties history Barack Obama has finally closed the deal. Sources say that with Hillary Clinton finally off his mind he delivered a long awaited gift to wife Michelle; a huge pearl necklace.

"I had been saving it for some time," remarked a physically spent Barack. "I think Michelle and I both were surprised by the size and color".

The light blue necklace was a surprise for Michelle who had only been given standard white pearls in the past. "Lets just say it's great to finally have him to myself now that Hillary is out of the way. He knows that he can give me a pearl necklace anytime.... but this one was special for a number of reasons; he obviously had been holding out for some time based on the sheer magnitude," admitted Michelle.

AP Reporter Tera Patrick asked Barack if he gave Michelle the necklace in front of the girls. Barack appeared taken back by the question, "do you mean in front of my daughters"?

Michelle interrupted, "It was a private moment just between the two of us"

When asked if blue pearls ran in the family Barack failed to recall if his father had ever given a pearl necklace to his mother. "My father left when I was very young, but I think I would have remembered something that significant".

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