Friday, July 4, 2008

Brett Favre wins NCAA ruling; will return to Southern Mississippi

by: Tyrone Lombardi 2:30 pm EST
Comedy Hub Sports Correspondent

Hattiesburg, Mississippi:
The Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles had a special announcement today that has shocked the college football world: the return of Brett Favre to college football. After weeks of speculation as to where Favre might land, should he return from retirement, an NCAA ruling made the decision much easier and much sweeter for Favre and his Alma Mater.

After several appeals the NCAA reports that it has granted Favre a 5th season based upon the issuance of a medical redshirt for Favre's first year as a freshman. He played just 2 games in 1987 before suffering an a season ending injury, however a paperwork SNAFU at the NCAA did not allow him to regain the year of eligibility until late last night.

"This is probably one of the top recruits that our program has ever landed" speculated Eagles head coach Larry Fedora. "I'm not aware of the NFL's best player ever coming back for another college season but we are cautiously optimistic that Brett can earn a roster spot".

Favre will have to try to win a starting spot from true sophomore Austin Davis who played sparingly in 2007. Should Favre win the starting job and have a good season against Conference USA foes he would be eligible for the 2009 NFL draft; a lifelong dream for Favre. Favre was selected 33rd by the Atlanta Falcons in the 1991 draft but only threw 4 passes for the Falcons as a rookie under Jerry Glanville.

"I'm hoping this time around will be a little different... maybe I can expel some of those demons from the past" said an optimistic Favre during an impromptu press conference on the Southern Mississippi campus. "First and foremost will be my studies and getting my butt to class; it's just too much of a longshot to count on the NFL, very few college players make it" admitted Favre as he finished his order of jalapeno nachos from the student union cafeteria.

Claims that Favre had already joined the Lambda Chai Alpha fraternity and challenged the Woman's volleyball team to keg stands during a orientation barbecue has not been confirmed or denied by the university.

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