Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toyota Recalls 7.4m Cars Due To 'Smells Like Ass'

Summer Temperatures May Have Caused Shit Stench To Worsen

Toyota announced this morning it would recall about 2.5 million cars and trucks in the United States and 7.4 million vehicles worldwide to fix a persistent smell of human excrement. There are no reports of major injuries from the problem, but it comes after Toyota told U.S. officials earlier this year that the problem wasn't that serious and didn't require a recall. 

The recall -- the largest by any automaker since 1996 -- involves inspecting and if necessary replacing any carpeting or leather covered with brown stains, presumably from butt juice created during the manufacturing process. 

The move reverses a stance Toyota took earlier this year, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation in February after a flurry of complaints.  At that time a public release by Toyota simply read 'He who smelt it... dealt it'.

The NHTSA upgraded its investigation in June, a step that often leads to a recall.
Toyota chief executive Akio Matsaka confirms that a combination of ball sweat and sphincter juice by one employee at their Durham, NC assembly plant was most likely the cause.  Darrel Rayburn, well known for his moist viscous farting has been identified by all members of the plant as the likely culprit.  Various reports of sticky switches and super nasty ass smell are believed to have combined to cause nausea and loss of fine motor skills during overheating.

Owners will start receiving notices to have their cars smelled at dealerships later this month; the procedure should take about an hour and will include a wet wipe and 3 'Pine Tree' type air fresheners. The models covered by the recall include a range of vehicles from the 2007 Yaris to the 2009 Highlander Hybrid.  CHN.2012

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