Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Look Back: CHN and Obama's Greatest Hits

The Obama Story... To Date. (A CHN Exclusive)

The Comedy Hub Network Played an impressive and inconclusive role in Barack Obama's primary victory over Hillary Clinton and only we were there (or somewhere) during the inevitable drubbing of McCain/Palin... Lets take a look back at some special moments that we had here at CHN: (just click on the photo to read the full article)

Let's get started with one of our top traffic articles of all time; the concept was - since Hillary is a lesbo she therefore is supported by lesbos; therefore lesbos (especially bull dykes) will really hate Obama... and the Obama girl. We agree, this makes little sense but .....

Lesbian Activists to Obama Girl: "Eat Shit..... Die"

When we published this one it was unclear if anyone in Palin's family was not pregnant...

Palin's 4 Month Old Son Trig May Be Preggers

This is one of the most confusing articles we have put out to date, so if you don't get it - whatev...

McCain opens wide lead in Senior Presidential Competition Bracket

This next one requires some context - it was becoming painfully clear that Hillary was just not going to give up despite technically being out of the running. We thought it would be funny for her to claim victory after another useless primary win:

Clinton claims victory in South Dakota; Promptly Picks Obama as VP

This is the best article of the bunch, no explanation necessary:

Obama Finally Reaches Climax; Gives Pearl Necklace To Wife Michelle

McCain and some Marine basketball players seem to have been on the same page here:

Marines lose confidence in Obama's ability to recognize 2-3 zone defense

Still during the primary - Obama made a rather elongated trip to visit with starstruck fans in Europe:

Obama Surprise: "I'm Not Coming Back To America"

Shortly after his historic election, non-conventional tactics carried the day:

Obama flashes Tits To Curry Favor At Pentagon Meet and Greet

And then bootygate happened:

Barack Obama Was Caught Checking Out Booty Today....

Obama's early foreign policy choices might be just the stuff:

Pentagon orders 15 million tons of 'Mighty Mend-It'

Chicago and Obama lost the bid to get the Summer 2016 Olympics, but the remarkable snow throughout the upper mid-west and the East made this a no brainer:

Obama Cuts Deal; Winter Olympics Moved To Chicago

A few modifications to existing Fed agency's helped make America his own...

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms To Extend Jurisdiction to 'Hoe Bags'

The State of the Union Speech opened the closet doors for this article:

Obama OK’s Unmerciful Beatings of Military Gays

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