Sunday, November 30, 2008

Iraq war Vet and Veterinarian tired of all the confusion

by: Al Claremont,
Comedy Hub Misc. Writer

Jada Perkins never thought her choice to leave her small animal practice in Pomona, CA would create so many awkward situations; but it did. After graduating from UC Davis Veterinary school in 2001 and starting her career as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Jada felt compelled to do more than cut the balls off of Golden Retrievers and give unnecessary shots yearly to healthy animals. Little did she know how much she would later regret the decision to join the U.S. Army and to serve her country.

"I served for 6 years and was called to Iraq twice" Perkins recalls, "we accomplished a lot and it was a life changing experience; unfortunately I just didn't think the whole thing through.... at all". Perkins returned to her job in 2007 and has had nothing but uncomfortable conversations about her status as a war 'vet' ever since.

To make matters worse Jada's middle name is Vetonski, her Polish grandmothers name. "I think this whole 'Vet' confusion thing came to a head when I was invited to a football game at Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia; during the pregame tailgate it was mentioned that I was a seasoned vet (in reference to my long held reputation of cooking baby back ribs).

"I was approached by an older gentleman who was a bit hard of hearing. He asked if I was 'the Vet' and the conversation took about 15 minutes just to explain my military status and profession. I still don't think he figured it out" admits Perkins, "but once I gave him some ribs he walked away".

The Army recalled Jada this past November to active duty therefore momentarily negating one of her 'vet' monikers. Sources close to Ms. Perkins say that she is now considering becoming a career military woman: "She just won't be able to bare being vetted once her contract expires; that alone will likely convince her to remain a Veteran of Veterinary services and simply leave it at that".

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