Monday, November 3, 2008

Arrested Development - Free Clips, Episodes, and Download Options

Arrested Development
A great show screwed up by Fox's poor marketing and scheduling
11/02/2003 - 02/10/2006

If you never caught it you missed out. This is perhaps the best written comedy series ever, albeit short lived. While hard core fans clamor to bring it back you can watch the full 3 seasons for free (just continue in this article to the "Arrested Development" Link List). Facebook users can click here to join "Addicted to Arrested Development" (there are rumblings about a possible movie).

Arrested Development Download from ITUNES $21.99 per season
or $1.99 Per Episode
Arrested Development

Best Value to buy:
Seasons 1-3 (The Complete Series) available from Amazon on DVD:
Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 DVD Set $45.60

Watch Full Length Episodes for free with very minimal bs adds at
Click here: List of Episodes - Arrested Development

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