Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Embattled Manziel Now Denying That He Gave Roadhead To Thousands Of I-45 Truckers

'Johnny Football' May Or May Not Have Committed NCAA Violations By Wearing His Texas A&M Uniform During The Sex Acts

2013 CHN.  Now uploading this type of shit to Instagram at #CHN_NewsBreak

Monday, May 6, 2013

How I Was Mentally Date Raped By Josh Nettles And The Staff Of Red Lobster

Is Abusive Conversation And Poor Service The Same As Unwanted Vaginal Penetration? Yes   
By CHN iReporter Darra Wilson

Like most modern women I have had a few failed relationships and have never dated a man beyond 3 weeks since grammar school.  One reason that I and many other modern women have struggled so mightily is that women today have achieved remarkable professional success that men simply do not want to hear about.  

Take me for example, I have been a successful CHN iReporter for 6 years now and have filed stories far and wide, mostly regarding slaughterhouse safety in the Tampa Bay areaScary for a man to hear about my work? Yes, I get it - women have broken into the boys club.  But my success does not mean that I should be date raped regularly, albeit mentally, every time I go out on the town. 

So when a local electrician named Josh Nettles takes me out to Red Lobster and jokes about me with the staff when I go to the bathroom, yes ma'am its certifiable rape.  Consider this iReport FILED: Josh Nettles and the staff at the Red Lobster on Ocean Ave are Rapers. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Augusta National Has Last Laugh After Admitting One Quasi Asian Looking Lesbian Black Woman

Banter From Clubhouse Party Reportedly Included: "Now What, Yeah Beatch We Got It All Covered"

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