Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Angels Pitcher Jared Weaver over-playing 1976 song "Dream Weaver"

by: Joe Torre 10:30 pm EST
Comedy Hub Sports Editor

When Gary Wright wrote the song "Dream Weaver" 32 years ago he may not have had unborn Jared Weaver in mind. That hasn't stopped Weaver, a 25 year old right handed pitcher, from playing the song immediately upon picking up dates in his 2007 Cadillac Escalade or in the dugout after the 3rd and 5th innings of each game he starts.

Jared's favorite line of the song according to utility man Maicer Izturis is:
"Ooh dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the night"

Jared's refusal to pitch during day games because of the obvious clash with the songs lyrics has been a concern for Angel's Manager Mike Scioscia. "Jared's relationship with the song can be an issue; for example he refuses to pitch from the stretch unless catcher Mike Napoli comes out to the mound and sings:
"I've just closed my eyes again, Climbed aboard the dream weaver train".

Scioscia continued "We would like to play backup catcher Jeff Mathis with Weaver on the mound, but Jeff can't hit the crescendo of the chorus line like Mike can; which means Weaver will refuse to throw his split finger when he is behind in the count.

Vladamir Guerrero had a rather candid response when asked about hearing the song regularly aboard the team plane, bus, dugout, meals, and every second in the locker room: "Malo, malo, malo, malo; Quiero muerte por el Dream Weaver y quiero muerte ahora mismo!"

Weaver himself had his headphones on and was unavailable for comment.

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