Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big Titted Salma Hayek Joins Milk Campaign To Win Over Customers Who Love Big Tits

Actress Represents A Developing Strategy For The Dairy Industry

Wisconsin (CHN) - MilkPEP's "Got milk?" campaign has had great success over the years telling moms that milk is nutritious and should be an essential part of their children's diet. 

Marketing Firm Deutsch felt it was time to expand beyond a demographic focus to an occasion-based approach, based around the natural times of day to think about both big tits and milk— beginning with the first meal of the day. 

"Breakfast is the most significant and ritualized occasion for consuming milk and performing the first masturbation of the day," said Greg DiNoto, chief creative officer at Deutsch. "It became a natural platform for this huge fake tit effort." 

And while the work is meant to transcend demographics regarding varying size breasts, it does have a notable big fake tits angle—it stars the Mexican- American huge breasted actress Salma Hayek and is running in English and Spanish on TV, in print and online for big tit lovers across the spectrum.    

Hayek's agent says that the veteran big tit actress represents a great opportunity for advertisers to reach their core marketing targets.  Hayek also appears in recent Burger King adds which aim to capitalize on a rising demographic of Americans who eat fast food and also fantasize about having sex with or touching the giant fake tits of well known actresses.

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Romney Picks Wrong Rubio For VP Candidate

Ricky Rubio of Minnesota Has Been Selected As Mitt Romney's VP Candidate

Minnesota (CHN) - A dejected Marco Rubio of Florida took a difficult phone call this morning after finding out that GOP presumptive Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had selected a different Rubio to join his campaign. 

A Romney spokesman admitted that the selection was a terrible error not only because Ricky Rubio of the Minnesota Timberwolves has no political experience but also because the young point guard also has a torn ACL which has made him questionable for the start of next season. 

Longtime strategist Karl Rove had a different view, "...if Ricky Rubio can swing Minnesota, we can afford to focus on other key western swing states and possibly still make up the loss of Florida".

The Obama campaign was left flat-footed and has still not commented publicly on the selection of the Spanish born 21 year old rookie point guard who is not eligible for any federal office.  


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