Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pornstar Kylee Strutt Retires To Spend More Time Having Sex Off Camera

Strutt, 20 Minutes Before and 
10 Minutes After Having Sex in 2010
San Fernando, CA (CHN) - Kylee Strutt, an instant success in the online porn industry and former foot fetish model, has announced her retirement, leaving a 36DD redheaded hole in the porn industry.  

The 24 year old accomplished all that she could in a highly competitive industry by getting fake tits and having sex with people on camera.  

"It's been great to just have my name in the same sentence as other prominent stars like Phoenix Marie, Memphis Monroe, Audry Bitoni, Rachel Roxx, Nikki Benz, and any other tags for this blog post," indicated Strutt.

The busty retiree promises to stay in touch with her fans on Facebook and Twitter and to have sex with them if she happens to see them near her bed.  

Where will she go from here? Strutt confesses that she it's just too soon to tell and much to hard to concentrate because she is off camera right now having sex for money. 

CHN. 2011. News Updates: Facebook. Twitter. Home.

Saying Goodby To Kylee Wont Be Easy; Here Are Some Of Her Safe For Work Pics....safe that is if your boss doesn't give a shit about what you do all day:

Sometimes Kylee's Shirt And Bra Could Not Hold Up Her Massive Tits; Forcing Her To Hold Them By Hand

Ms. Strutt Went Back To School In 2009; But Generally Just Had Sex With Teachers While There
Kylee Strutt Never Actually Signed A Pro Contract But Was Reportedly Sought By Billie Bean For Her Incredible On Base Percentage

It Has Been Widely Reported That If You Ever Get Tired Of Kylee's Breasts That You Should Stop Complaining And Go Ahead And Have Sex With Her Butt

File Footage: Kylee And Breasts Exercising in 2010

There Is Nothing Funny About How Bad You Want To Motorboat

A low Point For Kylee's Career Came After She Was Let Go From Cedar Sinai For Not Being A Real Doctor

(Vintage Porn) Before Cell Phones Were Given To Pornstars. 

Ball Play

Strutt Once Wore This Dress For A Picture In 2008

They Tried To Fire Strutt From The Hospital in 2007 But She Sat Like This A Lot... So You Know
    Who is this?
Kylee messaged CHN last week and said that she probably wont return to porn but she did like our article.  Leave her a message in the comments below and we will forward them and beg her to return. 

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CHN said...

San Fernando, CA - Kylee Strutt, an instant success in the online porn industry and former foot fetish model, has announced her retirement, leaving a 36DD redheaded hole in the porn industry.

Joe Biden said...

We will miss you Kylee! You are so hott MS. Strutt!

Hillary said...

Kaylee Strutt's retirement for the sake of having more sex than she could of otherwise is a big disappointment to those of us sitting at home right now who are about one video short of orgasm.

You bitch!
Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

Kylee Strutt Has great tits. How can you put tits like that into retirement?

-Bill Clinton

Oprah said...

I guess this finally answers the question "What Happened To Kylee Strutt". I have no problem with her motives, I just think the intended result is suspect.

RIP Kylee Strutt. Rest in Peace Kylee. I will keep trying Kylee Strutt 2011 On Google until something comes up.


Christian Laettner said...


Tj Freezn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Richard said...

I met Kylee in 2011 at an airport in Winnipeg Canada. She was well hidden in hat and glasses.

She was really nice and I asked her if she was done performing and she said that 'She was not sure' but that she was very happy with her life.

Come back Kylee!!!

Youtube said...

Kylee's first video is free on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIn7-WV4vBw

Need more Strutt!

Brett Favre said...

Seems like Kylee Strutt owes us at least one new video. A 10 hour video of her playing with her boobs and 100's of men and women also playing with her boobs.

10 hours is all we ask. Also, I want her to be trapped on a deserted island with me and a female orthodontist who is also hot.


Kylee Strutts Huge Tits said...

Finally a new video with Kylee Strutt - she is dead after all.

Oops, nevermind - that is a video of Kragen shocks and struts. Damn.

Carrotop said...

If Kylee Strutt has retired then who is the hottest big tit redhead in porn?

WIll Ferrel said...

Kylee Strutt on Funnyordie.com:


Twitter said...

Is that really Kylee Strutt's Twitter Page? I can't find her Myspace Page?

Quebec said...

I heard that Kylee Strutt got Married To a rich dude in Canada and he demanded she stop doing porn.

That jerk.

Kylee Strutt Facebook said...

Love your Facebook Page Kylee - Keep those pics coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Those quotes are NOT from the real Kylee Strutt. Nor does she have a Twitter or Facebook page. If that were her real Facebook page then she would have new photos.

Anonymous said...

If kylee strutt is reading these comments, can someone ask her where her bed is?, so I can have sex with her!! :D

Escort in London said...

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Anonymous said...

How do we connect with kylee

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Unknown said...

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andy.randall said...

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Andy Randall

Anonymous said...

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