Monday, August 17, 2009

50 Millionth Aborted Fetus To Win Trip To Acapulco

All Expenses Paid Trip Will Not Include Drinks

Washington D.C. (CHN): Since the landmark 1973 Roe V. Wade decision, Abortion has been a legal right for women everywhere in America. Planned Parenthood, America's leader in surgical abortions, has provided counseling and birth control since 1916. Now the agency is revving up plans to mark the 50 millionth abortion since Roe V. Wade with an all inclusive prize for the little guy or gal that gives all for the landmark milestone.

"We wanted to do something special for the fetuses; usually our focus is centered just on the women who may need help with birth control or pregnancy planning but we thought we would mark this occasion by giving something back. Without the fetuses we wouldn't have a one billion dollar annual budget and 850 clinics across the country... also, the other reason for the trip, we have extra budget money."

Sixteen year old High School Student Teresa Rodriguez is among the legions of young women who have taken notice of the Acapulco trip, she says that the prize will have some effect on the timing of her upcoming pregnancy and first abortion. "If it happens it's gonna happen; I would want my fetus to win the trip... so yeah, maybe the schedule will work out just right," said a hopeful Rodrigues.

One detail that has critics of the trip to Acapulco fuming is the fact that Planned Parenthood will not be providing any alcoholic beverages on the 10 day trip. "If a fetus is old enough to die for it's mother's well being; it sure as hell ought to be able to have a cocktail," said Mark Christopher, a longtime Right-To-Life organizer.

If the trend of 1.2 million abortions per year holds, the 50 millionth abortion should come through the pike right around Independence Day. "We have a lot of women who have become pregnant in the past few weeks but they are going to hold off on their abortions until they have a legit shot at winning the trip for their fetus," reported Richards. "All I can say is Good Luck Ladies".


Anonymous said...

Its a difficult discussion - here is what has been said on my facebook page:

The question was - is this article over the line??

Daniel C.
9 hours ago

Edwin Edgar T.
way over....
9 hours ago ·

Dean Wassell
I'm warped, but that is just not right.
8 hours ago ·

Tarren Aanika
So there's just no jokin about things like that? Thank you for your honest opinions.
8 hours ago ·

Albert Blanco
it's queird!
8 hours ago ·

Albert Blanco
"We have a lot of women who have become pregnant in the past few weeks but they are going to hold off on their abortions until they have a legit shot at winning the trip for their fetus". hahahahaha! LOL!
8 hours ago ·

Elena Scharapova
8 hours ago ·

Tarren Aanika
Ok, Well maybe we will delete that one. I hate to think that there is anything that should be protected from parody.
7 hours ago ·

Robert Morris
Over the line. Most of your humor is great, but since you ask this is not funny, its offensive.
2 hours ago

Tarren Aanika
Ok, Understood Robert, thank you. But if a parody such as that article is too difficult for us to deal with then what does that say about what we all think about abortion. Pro-Choice or Pro-Life - we all seem to find it to be off limits... too dreadful to face, too harsh to deal with.

50 million abortions is a lot of missing people, maybe most of their mothers were better off and led better lives because they were not ready... but how many people knew that their were 50 milliion... Our country would have over 15% more people than now.... maybe we have been replacing this lost generation with immigrants?? These would all be young people right now.

In the end I dont think I can join the group that would rather turn the other way- we cant joke about it... its too abhorrent, we should ignore it rather. I cant do that, but I respect the comments and the honesty.

Add Tarren if you would like to continue this conversation on Facebook:

Anonymous said...

Its just not funny. Too many people have to go through this situation. You must not have had a close friend or relative deal with abortion.

Anonymous said...

Naming your fetus is getting very popular so maybe we will actually have a name for the winning fetus.

Anonymous said...

Hell cannot be hot enough for people who do this sort of thing. In eternity, they WILL reap what they have sown! This is first degree murder on the part of the mother and the doctor performing the procedure.

Anonymous said...

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