Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lesbian Activists to Obama Girl: "Eat Shit..... Die"

by Franklin Simms, 6:32 est.
Comedy Hub Staff Editor

As Barack Obama's puts the final touches on his DNC primary victory one of his most outspoken fans has come under fire for her overt femininity. Dubbed "Obama Girl" first by herself and then by the masses on You Tube; Amber Ettinger has found fame and now enemies as legions of Hillary Clinton fans speak their mind for the final time. The most outspoken group: The Lesbian International Community (LIC) released a brief statement this morning:

We have nothing specifically against Barack Obama. We do however, have a difficult time supporting anyone with a mascot (or woman as some call her) that is so brazenly straight. It's time that the Obama campaign reach out to all woman including those of us who are Professional Golfers, Amateur Softball Players, College Soccer Players, and the Entirety of the WNBA. Hillary Clinton was careful and appropriate when agreeing to not appear feminine in public or in private at any time during the primary season. LIC believes strongly that Real Woman can comfortably wear short hair and catch a 65 mph softball. This "Obama" girl appears to have no such qualities and seems to be only interested in being sexy, stylish, attractive, entrepreneurial, and a good dancer. Can we afford to send this message to our daughters?

Fox News Correspondent Geraldo Riviera asked Obama Girl Amber Ettinger what it was like to be so strongly coveted by one group (men) and so reviled by another (lesbians). Ettinger promised to "work on her appeal to all lesbians...... not just Dykes"

Just hours later the Obama camp responded with a previously unreleased video of Amber Ettinger kissing two other girls during a 2003 wet t-shirt contest in Cabo San Lucas. The video however, appears to have done little to stem the tide of irate lesbians who feel they have lost their "man" in the 08' election.

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