Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Report: 84% of Meter Maids were abused by Meter Maids as Children

Medical Professionals Uncertain That Cycle Can Be Broken

(CHN) Santa Monica, CA- The long term affects of child abuse have been debated for years with experts still unsure of how certain trauma will affect adolescents as they enter adulthood. Radio Host Dr. Drew is convinced that abusive behavior, both verbal and physical, during developmental years can create permanent long term affects. "Most often we see a cycle occur where the victims of abuse become predators of the same type of abuse later in life" argues Drew.

One segment of abuse that has remained in the shadows for years is the financial abuse upon middle and lower income families by traffic cops and meter maids. "We have never had so many traffic cops in the history or our city" said longtime LA resident Arielle Sanchez. "By my count roughly 1 out of every 7 cars on the road are involved in parking enforcement" she added.

Experts agree that a scourge of meter maids has settled in to many large U.S. cities causing havoc, hate, and financial hardship for families already stricken by a tough economy. "Our seminal fear appears to have been realized," reports Doug Hastings of the Parking Abuse Institute. "We see a staggering trend of abused vehicle owners simply giving up and becoming traffic cops.... the cycle of abuse is snowballing and by 2018 a full 65% of all U.S. workers will be traffic cops.

"Clearly no human with any sense of dignity, ethics, or faith in humanity would ever take a job as an agent of parking enforcement. The process requires an individual to be beaten into submission by a long trend of systemic abuse. People reach a breaking point and just give up on themselves and others... all that remains is hate," admits Hastings.

Other data from the report reveals that 72% of parking enforcement officials are registered as Nazi's, 82% hit their dogs regularly, and 98% engage in sadistic genital mutilation to their own bodies.

"The genital mutilation is the only positive finding; perhaps many of them will be unable to reproduce and we will stem the tide before human civilization is simply lost forever," concluded Hastings.

The Media has had little choice but to begin reporting on the abuse, please use caution when watching the following video; the traffic agent shown is a 52 year old female virgin who has suffered from both butterface and butterbody her whole life:

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Original publish date 12/03/08 - updated 07/24/10

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