Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sugical Mask Fetish Group Officially in 'Heyday'

Group Hopes that Swine Flu Will Kind of Continue for A While Longer...
by: Tarren Aanika, CHN Contributer, 6:00 PM EST

Daniel Goodwin seems like an average guy in an average town; he sells lawn furniture during the week and prefers to read a good book while lounging with his cat Mr. Snugglemuffins on the weekend. All-in-all a pretty normal lifestyle other than the fact that he has an all-encompassing and life-long fetish for surgical masks and the people that wear them.

"It's embarrassing" Daniel wrote to a new friend that he met through a Facebook group entitled: 'I have a surgical mask fetish and so I joined this Facebook Group'. "I have seven different dentists just so I can go bi-monthly without any of them thinking I'm some kind of freak... but I am a freak".

CHN convinced Mr. Goodwin to relate his experience via an informal Q and A session:

Q. The SARS outbreak in 2003 was similar to what we are seeing now from the Swine Flu; how does it compare from a fetish perspective?

Sars was more of an Asian Surgical Mask Fetish thing. That's like saying just because you like big boobs that you are attracted to old saggy boobs with stretch marks all over them. Unless you are a saggy-stretchy-old boob fetish person then you wouldn't jump at the chance to see such a thing.

Q. How do you and your group members indulge yourselves during non-epidemic periods or most of the time?

Many of our members go to medical equipment trade shows just to get a quick fix. Overall it's a difficult fetish to have; the porn industry services other fetishes quite well; whether it be foot, milf, or mature pregnant Latina. We are literally left out in the cold, mask-less... with cold faces and cold dry tongues that need some extra protection and warmth.

Q. Don't you feel guilty for taking pleasure in a health scare that could affect thousands and thousands of victims?

Nothing is all good or all bad; I believe Yoda taught us that. So when you hear people complaining about pandemics with 1,000,000's of casualties possible, just remember - every dog has his day; I'm that dog and it's today. The exciting part is that it spreads to new areas and creates mass hysteria. That is part of the fetish, the hysteria... but mostly it's the age old surgical mask question: 'Who's behind that mask and what might their mouth look like; I mean - what is the exact distance between their mouth and nose for example" said Goodwin deep in thought with eyes closed.


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