Monday, April 16, 2012

Romney: Chihuahua Puppy's Also Suffering Huge Job Losses Under Obama

GOP Presumptive Nominee Continues To Exploit So Called 'War On Puppies'

Tampa, FL (CHN) - Mitt Romney is wasting little time advancing his general election bid in the wake of Rick Santorum's campaign suspension. Puppies, a key demographic in several swing states, are getting their fair share of attention this week after Romney advanced a statistic from the labor department showing that 92.3% of all non-farm payroll losses under Obama have been suffered by women.  A closer look seems to confirm those facts, and has also uncovered a more troubling statistic about the cutest breeds of dogs.

"La Fonda (above), is now 46 weeks into unemployment following deep cuts in the stamp licking industry
What Romney and his constituents previously failed to admit was that the bulk of the remaining job losses were laid squarely at the paws of adorable puppies; most notably Chihuahua's.  Obama campaign officials say that the figures are misleading and out of context.  However, top fact checker 'Politi-fact' has determined that the statistic itself is accurate.

"Even in states populated by mostly older and larger dogs, this stat is going to hurt the President's re-election campaign," admitted analyst Donna Brasil. 

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