Thursday, April 1, 2010

Naming Your Fetus; It's All The Rage

CHN Editorial Board Presents:
Fetus Names 2010

Those with child are most likely well aware of the fetus naming craze. It has been decided by modern society that it is easier to discuss the 'baby to be' by designating an actual name for 'it' even if you have not decided on the real 'human' name.

Here are the most popular fetus names of 2010 according to respondents in our latest CHN telephone poll.
(results are exactly 3% erroneous)


Anonymous said...

The Key here is to avoid calling the Fetus - Peanut. That is the lamest Fetus name ever.

Fetus Names said...

This article seems to be in its infancy. Need more data on this.

Go Daddy said...

BTW - does not exist - that is hot commodity that somehow got skipped over!!

HuffPO said...

Check out the Huffington Post:

Tim Tebow's Doritos Ad: Fetuses Deserve Chips Too (VIDEO)

FetusNames said...

Go high tech -
They make baby naming software now; not sure if it can be used for Feti - but worth a try.

Anonymous said...

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