Monday, March 1, 2010

What is CHN? CHN is the Comedy Hub Network; Welcome...

What Groups Wish That They Were 'The' CHN But Are Not:

For those who hate public schools CHN is The California Homeschooling Network
For investors, CHN is The China Fund
For goody-two-shoe folks, CHN is The Coalition For Human Needs
For really really bored Canadians, CHN is American College Hockey News
For dudes with Asian fetishes, CHN is a site dedicated for shipping Chinese chicks over to be your slave

So What exactly is The Comedy Hub Network and why is it one of fastest growing Comedy Blogs in America? CHN's talented staff of writers have been producing some of the best parody news on the Internet. Here are a few recent examples from 2010:

U.S., Russia, Gilbert Arenas Reach Arms Deal

GOP Secretly Replaces Health Care Bill w/ Grey's Anatomy Script

Jake Sully: Hometree Downfall Was Due to Distractive 'Nip Slips'

ALF Dies Following Roller Coaster Accident

1992 'Dream Team' Wants Christian Laettner Removed From Roster

Historic 8.8 Magnitude Quake Will Not Affect Chilean Sea Bass Dinner Special

Conspiracytheory.blogspot buys for $3.2 Billion

Bernanke Hopeful About His Boca Rental; National Housing Recovery

Obama Cuts Deal; Winter Olympics Moved To Chicago

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms To Extend Jurisdiction to 'Hoe Bags'

Obama OK’s Unmerciful Beatings of Military Gays


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Thank you and keep it up - I must say that my research of the China Fund took me here. CHN is bookmarked as The Comedy Hub Network on my Delicious Tab - Thx.


David Stern said...

I love the 1992 Dream Team Story, I hope the Roster Changes Work Out Well For Them. I heat that the 2008 and 2010 Dream Teams are Training Hard To Beat Them!

David Stern

Magic Johnson On said...

Here are Magic's comments about Chuck Daly (Daley)? and the induction to the Hall of Fame in regard to The Dream Team. Great Article CHN!! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Right on, This is the best comedy blog - CHN is a regular stop of mine, My favorite comedy site is the Onion but I also love The Comedy Hub (CHN). Love the Dream Team Story.


Anonymous said...

What is a hoe bag?

Re: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms To Extend Jurisdiction to 'Hoe Bags'

Craig said...

What does 'CHN' stand for?
The Comedy Hub Network.

Great Blog, Thanks guys and gals!

Case New Holland said...

You Forgot Case New Holland. They are a CHN that employs 30,000 people. How many people does the Comedy Hub (CHN) employ?

Drmcdigger said...

I DIGG CHN. Thanks Comedy Hub!

Anonymous said...


The Comedy Hub Network Blog would smell as sweet with any other name.

-Bill Shakespear

Ashley said...

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