Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conspiracytheory.blogspot buys for $3.2 Billion

Internet Deal is Largest Ever Takeover of Non-Profit Organization

Little Rock, AR (CHN): "If you can't beat em, join em", that is what
Daniel Graves, CEO of, believes the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania was thinking when they accepted a reported 3.2 Billion dollars in cash and stock for the consumer advocate website

Graves believes that the newly created synergies will streamline his blog and create value for his shareholders/neighbors Kevin Collins and Stephan Simas. The three launched the Blog on Google's Blogspot shortly after September 11th, 2001 despite constant cyber attacks from Google itself and fellow Zionist comrades Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista, Lycos, MSN, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The two organizations have been involved in a bitter public dispute since the inception of whereas was accused of destroying Daniel Graves's chance at of gaining acceptance to Arkansas' Cossatot Community College. has mysteriously ignored any knowledge of the claim according to Graves's blog. has slowly become the nation's political referee and gained notoriety for subduing claims made by both 'Truthers' (911 conspiracy theorists) and 'Birthers' (those that believe that Barrack Obama is not native born) over the past few years. Graves says that those battles are not related to the buyout of Factcheck and "now that you mention it future acquisition plans include the purchasing of Jimmy McGee's comic collection and the real estate where the WW2 Auschwitz ' work camp' was located."

"You may remember the so called 'Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster' in February of 2003," said Graves in a recently released web-cam video. "So let me get this straight; one day I write that NASA is responsible for slaughtering Daniel Pearl and just 6 months later a shuttle comes apart during re-entry killing the entire crew and spreading debris across three states (including my home state of Arkansas) where I lived from 1984-1999... I think not".

Graves had no comment in regard to why he would want to buy a website and domain that he routinely called the 'Factcheck my ass for poop in you mouth' website. As of press time there was no response from; however an article on posted by sugarplumbs8 suggests that Factcheck may have already been purchased by last spring.


sijagur said...

Visitting your blog.. greetings from Indonesia

Michael Jones said... is still denying this claim. Shocking.

-Michael Jones

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