Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Weeks After Tsunami; Fish Found Alive

Rescuers Took A Picture of The Survivor Just Prior To Capture
Japanese Rescue Team Defies All Odds With Discovery

Pacific Ocean (CHN) - One more survivor in Japan has been rescued. The Japanese Coast Guard on Friday rescued a fish swimming in the debris off the coast of Kesennuma, in Northern Japan. 

The Red Squirrel Fish, which was swimming near the roof of a submerged house that had  washed out to sea, was likely just moments from giving up.  It is believed that the youngster survived off of algae and Hi-Chew candy.

The rescue did not come easy. After coast guard operatives descended from a helicopter onto the house, the fish retreated to deeper water and disappeared. The rescuers were unable to lure the fish out with hot dog chunks and cat food.  Reports indicate that a scuba team tracked the fish to a depth of 125 meters before netting it and returning it safely to the surface.

One member of the scuba team claims to have witnessed a second fish near a sunken Toyota Land Cruiser.  However, attempts to locate that fish have been unsuccessful as of press time.

Other Japanese rescue teams have traveled even further from the Japanese Coast in hopes of finding survivors.  The rescue ship Yushin Maru (below) has been trolling through Antarctic waters and has reportedly found over 80 Minke Whales and safely brought them on board for processing.   
Above, A Whale Is Saved 18,000 Miles From Japanese Shore

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