Thursday, April 28, 2011

Media Ignoring Other Royal Wedding Of Kansas City Shortstop Alcides Escobar

Second Year Player To Finally Marry Longtime Girlfriend

Kansas City, MO (CHN) - After a 14 month engagement, Alcides Escobar is 'finally going through with it' according to friends and family of the young shortstop. But you would never know it from the international media; or so says Escobar's fiance Maria Fuentes, who met Alcides in a Venezuelan night club when the two were just 18 years old.

Alcides And Fuentes At Their Engagement Party In March of 2010
Still, despite the lack of attention, the wedding is still set for this Saturday at the Kansas City Hilton, most of the Royal Players are said to have been invited. Royals Manager Ned Yost believes that Escobar would be getting a lot more attention if he (Alcides) was hitting anywhere near the league average for shortstops or if his slugging percentage was "not a fucking joke".  

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