Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Is Susan Rice?

CHN's Chasey Lain Sits Down With Some Woman Who's Name Keeps Popping Up

Chasey Lain: Hello, thank you so much for joining us. Who are you?

Unknown Person: Hi, I am Suzy Rice.

Chasey: OK, Cause my notes say that you are Susan Rice.

Suzy Rice: I am not Susan Rice. Susan Rice is our UN Ambassador. I am Suzy Rice... Suzy... Elizabeth... Rice. 

I am a screenwriter, author of fiction, painter and designer. I designed the "Star Wars" logo, as well as many other film logo designs for print advertising and some filmed applications. In the past I worked for Lucasfilm, Ltd. 

I also am the current assistant art director and designer for Rolling Stone magazine.

Chasey: Thank you. 

About Chasey Lain: 
Chasey is a 39 year old former Porn Star and current crack whore. In 2008, A video post by CHN documented a video whereas Chasey was so wasted she could not sit still to film or perform any scenes with her formerly perfect body (way formerly).  Chasey now performs one on one interviews with world leaders, actors, and people of national importance for CHN's Online Edition. 

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