Sunday, March 20, 2011

NCAA Tournament Expands As 5th Region Discovered

Teams In 'South-South' Region Were Feeling Super Neglected

Corpus Christi, TX (CHN) - College basketball fans were awakened Monday morning with the unexpected news that the Sweet 16 has now expanded to the Sweet 20 after an NCAA spokesman admitted that the organization accidentally set up 5 regions instead of the customary 4. 

The 'South-South' bracket was reportedly lost under an ethics training video for officials that was just 'sort of forgotten about', according to un-named sources. The Extreme South bracket has been playing games according to schedule without media coverage since Thursday. The four advancing teams are reportedly: Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada, and UCLA.  UCLA lost to Florida Saturday in the Southeast Regional game and still managed to make their scheduled night game in the Far South Bracket against the Stanford Woman's team.

An NCAA Spokesman was unable to directly answer questions as to how the 'Final Five' would be formatted. Sources close to the organization have assured media and fans that the bracket will be treated like any other and games will be refereed in strange hap-hazard methods that guarantees anger and solidifies all conspiracy theories regarding preferential treatment to certain schools. 


CHN said...

Teams In 'South-South' Region Were Feeling Super Neglected

Bill Clinton said...

Go Arkansas!

Christian Laettner said...

I dominated NCAA basketball for 4 years but I never had to win a 5 bracket tourney. Good luck Duck!

Christian Laettner

Andy Katz said...

The South-South bracket looks a like lot the South-East bracket from the 2008 Tournament. just sayin.

Andy Kats

Final Four Joe said...

I had Duke, Kansas, Ohio, and VCU in my final four and now I am adding Oregon?

Christian Laettner Is Gay said...

I am not gay.

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