Saturday, November 13, 2010

Links To The Top 15 Comedy Websites

Everyone has a list for their favorite comedy websites.  Here is a list based on polling of over 2500 people from our Facebook Group.  So, without further ado... here are the Top 15 Comedy Websites For Video, Captions, Articles, and Parody News:

15.  Gawker (
14.  Comedy Juice (      
13.  Comedy Whirled (
12.  The Superficial (
11.  Adult Swim (
10   The Soup (
9.  The Brown Show (
8.  College Humor (
7.  SNL (
6.  Funny or Die (
5.  Comedy Central (
4.5 George Carlin (
4.  Tosh.O (
3.  Cracked (
2.  The Onion (
1.  CHN The Comedy Hub Network (

If you would like to submit a site for the next vote please leave us the web address in the comment box and it will be entered for the next vote.  


Jon Stewart said...

Good list. I think you forgot Steve Colbert's website from this list. Also, The Daily show has its own website.

Jon Steward

Big Boy said...

Please add: for funny videos and links!!

Anonymous said...

Put on that list!

Who links to me?

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