Saturday, December 6, 2008

Report: FBI still hasn't seen one dime from hat licensing

by: Trish Reegan, 12:50 pm EST
Washington DC Staffer

FBI director Robert Mueller was once again pressed by Congress after the agency reported it's yearly budget analysis. The 2007 budget was overspent by 322 million dollars leaving Mr. Mueller asking the House Appropriations Committee for a much larger budget allotment to get through the rest of 2008.

Mueller, appointed by President Bush in 2001, made several large licensing agreements shortly after taking the reigns at the Bureau. Most notable was the hat agreement that Mueller signed allowing the nations pipe shops, skateboarding stores, and mini marts to sell hats with the intimidating "FBI" official logo.

Director Mueller admits that nearly none of those trusted retail posts have sent in any of the revenue that the FBI was expecting from the deal. He added that the agency could be forced to begin selling some of its most guarded secrets on Ebay if Congress does not increase its 2008 budget.

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PALS said...

Is it true that hat is licensed for use? What if 90mil have applied for license? How can they monitor those 90mil hat? Anyway, they are just gaining money from it. The people paid for their service and now they want to get more money from us?

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