Thursday, October 27, 2011

Business: Top 10 Signs Your Employees Are Having Sex On Your Desk

10.  Rolodex Looks Disheveled Every Monday

9. Various Sets of Breast Imprints Keep Showing Up On Your Monitor

8.  Phone Earpiece Has Some Really Wierd Goo On It

7.  Used Condoms In Your Coffee Cup

6. Web History Shows Extremely Romantic Playlist On Netflix.  You Don't Have Netflix.

5. Un-Used Condoms Under Your Label Maker And In Every Desk Drawer

4. Shredder Basket Always Seems To Be Full Of Shredded Underwear

3. Your Stapler Is Sticking Out Of Your Receptionist's Butt

2. Every Time You Come Back To The Office Everyone Is Smoking Cigarettes

1.  Jizz Everywhere

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Joseph Biden said...

I gotta tell you - I've made my presence known around the old office a few times myself.


Jerry Sandusky said...

Sex on the office desk? Come on people, take it to the Conference Room!

Jerry Sandusky

Sandusky has a Facebook Page said...

I find it disgusting that Jerry Sandusky has a Facebook Page-

Just Terrible.

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