Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Extremist Math Group Vows Total Eradication Of Logarithms

Exponential Functions To Be Cleansed Forever Says Nerd

CHN - Sweeping support by American 11th grade students and somewhat dumber 12th grade students has been pivotal to the group identified as the 'Fixed #'s' by the Department of Education.

But many straight edge dorks have warned that while the loss of many key mathematical functions sounds attractive in the short term; the long term implications could be entropy and chaos. 

John Napier the inventor of the 'Logarithm' in an undated CHN File Photo
"We know what they are after; their ultimate goal is to fuck with Pi," says Los Angeles County Superintendent Sheila Ramirez. She continued, "That aint happening on my watch! 3.14 is 3.14... End of story. 

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