Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boeing Closes Deal On 320 Unit Order With Radio Shack

Announcement Made Just After Airbus Confirmed A Record $72B In Orders At Paris Air Show

Radio Shack Has Requested That Boeing Either Leave 
The Models Generic Or Write The Word 'Airbus' On Them

Chicago (CHN)- Airbus executives are celebrating a record sales performance in Paris Thursday morning but that hasn't kept arch-rival Boeing from taking the lead in relatively untapped 'non-flying (budget based) model plane category'.

The deal with Radio Shack has already reached a preliminary agreement of 320 units at a cost of $12.00 each and could expand to  1,000 units over the next 10 years as cash strapped consumers look to buy non-flying model planes vs. the current higher cost flying models.

While the new Boeing models are not engineered for any sort of flying or gliding, Boeing CEO James McNerney believes that the models could be thrown anywhere from 10' to 15' for children ages 10 and up.

Airbus did not comment on any future plans to challenge Boeing in the segment; however a company spokesman did take a short break from the 36 hour company wide cocaine and prostitute party to mention "Oh shit, what's happening, what's happening around my body".

Boeing has firmly denied speculation that the units were just left over freebies from last years company pot luck and gunny sack race.

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