Monday, December 5, 2011

Penis Tree Found

Local Lesbian Strikes Gold

Philadelphia, PA (CHN) - Botanist Rachel Orcutt, longtime curator of the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center, has been on a very specific hunt for the better part of three decades.  A penis hunt to be exact.

"Many have found satisfaction with cucumbers and bananas but those wonderful foods were not the answer for me," explained Orcutt to CHN.

Orcutt has been searching for an organic replacement to the male penis for most of her adult life
So where is the penis tree located?

"My lips are sealed," says Orcutt.  But after a few moments of silence she added "I mean, some of my lips are sealed".


Kylee Strutt said...

Organically grown penis - what a discovery!

Joseph Biden said...

This isn't good at all. Not at all.

Jerry Sandusky said...

Just wondering if I could get more info for some tree research I am doing-


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